Public service announcement: Drugs are bad


Navy Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention released two anti-drug videos on YouTube this week: one targeting spice use, the other warning about the dangers of bath salts.

The animated PSAs feature original music and lyrics about all of the bad things designer drugs will do to you and your career.

Take a gander and let us know what you think.

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The animation is decent and the message is clear: Drugs will ruin your career. But are cute, sing-song cartoons the way to show sailors how bad it’s going to be when they get caught?

The video below, a PSA against bath salts, came out about a year ago and went viral; the campaign earned the Navy’s top public affairs honor.

Whether or not bath salts turn you into a girl-punching zombie, it’s more on the serious side. Which is more effective?


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  1. I am guessing the videos were pointed at sailors of course to get the word about about the drugs. As one (P.O. 3rd class) it feels like a everyday run through of things we hear on a daily bases at quarters. The problem with that is, the ones who will be doing it, already know this, so it will be ineffective for them. If the videos really want to get the audiences attention, put in some factual data out on the drugs such as a chemical breakdown and what each one does (or group them up. I wouldn’t expect to know what every chemical is in a cigarette.).

  2. While an HMC on Independent Duty on the Fife, DD-991, one of our sailors repeatedly came to sickbay complaining of a genital crab infestation. None were noted by the treating Corpsmen. A test for drugs later revealed his use of steroids for body building. His unfounded symptoms were illicit drug usage related. I then learned of the potential for “roid rage”. I was fortunate to have the counsel of my Squadron Medical Officer who suggested the drug test, and potentially avoided more serious consequences. Getting the word out to the crew about potential harm from illlicit drugs is crucial and I found Indoc a great time to share this info.

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