VIDEO: New trailer for 'Lone Survivor' movie


The trailer for “Lone Survivor,” Hollywood’s take on a 2005 SEAL mission in Afghanistan that ended in ambush, tragedy and acts of valor that stand out even among the nation’s elite special warriors, is below. It hit YouTube yesterday and already has almost 175,000 views.


This adaptation of former Special Operator 1st Class (SEAL) Marcus Luttrell’s book was directed by Peter Berg, whose last Navy-themed film had a decidedly different tone. Stars include Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster and Eric Bana. It’ll have a limited release Dec. 27, according to Entertainment Weekly, which will make it eligible for 2013 Academy Award consideration. It’ll go nationwide Jan. 10.

For more on the operation, read this extensive, exclusive interview with Luttrell from around the time the book was released.

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  1. The movie better honor the sacrifices, passion, and dedication of the brave young Sailors that perished during this operation. Best way to do this would be to stick to the actual eyewitness account of the lone survivor himself. But somehow, I sincerely doubt that Hollywood can accomplish such a task. I’ll pass on the trailer.

  2. I do not know Marcus well but met him at Muster when he was moving around pretty well. He will not tolerate one iota of the standard “Hollywood Spin” as was shamelessly strewn throughout 0’Dark, Act of Valor and about every other POC tainted by Hollywood Politics and “Artistic License”. This needs to be a memorial to our most elite warriors who sacrifice everything every day so we can sit back here and complain. This country was founded on the souls of those who gave all and many who gave more than most. Honor their sacrifice and the great loss suffered by their loved ones that remain… then I will be impressed. Also, I do not know one SEAL in theater that has that much body fat… just saying… You want to know what an operator looks like in the field check out Max Martini in “The Unit” 7% body fat is a fat boy in that crowd. You won’t see any chubby cheeks for sure. Marcus has them genetically…

    I look forward to seeing this and hope to hear Marcus state he is satisfied. I guarantee you he will be vocal about the results.

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