Navy cyber deal is major post-Snowden milestone for contractor


Edward Snowden at a Moscow Airport on Friday. Snowden’s former employer is part of a team that won a recent Navy cyber contract. (Photo by Tanya Lokshinka/Human Rights Watch via AP)

One of the 13 companies splitting the Navy’s latest cyber contract once employed the man at the center of a global secrecy scandal.

The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire blog, citing this Defense Department release, reported late Tuesday that Booz Allen Hamilton has landed its first major military contract since the start of the Edward Snowden saga. The company joins 12 others to provide cyber support to Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic in Charleston, S.C. The overall deal could be worth $900 million.

A number of well-known military contractors are among the 13 companies, including divisions of General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin, as well as Computer Sciences Corp., which was on the losing end of a recent $3.5 billion Navy network contract — but hasn’t given up just yet.

Booz Allen fired Snowden on June 10. Snowden was ID’d by The Guardian newspaper as the source of leaked national security information the day before. Analysts have suggested the leak could damage the company’s credibility, but according to Reuters, at least one other military branch doesn’t blame the company at all for what one of its most famous former employees did while still drawing a paycheck.

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