Sailors learned how to succeed with brunettes in 1960s


Here’s a video presentation sailors won’t see today: a 16-minute lesson in how to succeed with brunettes.

The video, produced in 1967, shows how far the service has come in more than 40 years. As the Navy talks about ways to stamp out sexual assault, including Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s recent announcement that work spaces will be searched for degrading images of women, it is clear that a video like this would never fly in today’s Navy.

However, one message of the video is still applicable today: to treat women with respect.


If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, the video shows the right and wrong ways to navigate social situations like eating out at a restaurant, going to a movie theater, bringing a date to a small gathering in a home, or going through the receiving line at a formal event.

It was released by the National Archives last month on Youtube, the New York Daily News reported.

The video advocates good manners, like opening doors, walking on the curb side and treating your date with respect.

And don’t forget to be on time, because “a good looking girl isn’t going to wait around too long for anybody,” the video says.


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  1. Ken Caye STCM(SS), USN, Ret on

    Maybe if they still taught this sort of thing there’d be less concern for sexual assaults. Courtesy is never out of style.
    Too much Macho gets idiots into trouble.

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