Moose head to decorate USS Anchorage


Lex Patten, left, carries a bull moose shoulder mount that he donated to the USS Anchorage on Monday.(AP Photo)

The Navy’s newest warship will have a one-of-a-kind decoration: a trophy moose head.

Lex Patten donated the moose head, with antlers measuring 65 inches, to the newly-commissioned amphibious transport ship Anchorage, the Boston Globe reported.

Patten donated the moose head to honor his father who served in the Navy during World War II, the story said.  He presented the gift to the ship on Monday before the Anchorage departed for its homeport in San Diego.

Allen Patten served aboard the battleship Nevada during the attack on Pearl Harbor, and later served on the carriers Lexington and Enterprise, the article said.

Lex Patten was not sure where the moose head, one of several wild animal trophies that were donated, would be displayed on the ship, the story said.

The amphibious transport ship Anchorage was commissioned Saturday in its namesake city in Alaska.

Update: The crew has named the moose head “Marty,” a spokesman from the Anchorage said. Marty is currently overlooking the hangar bay of the Anchorage, as seen in the photo below taken May 21.



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