You could play Battleship vs. a former JCS chairman — for charity


A contest winner could earn the right to say, “Adm. Mullen, you sank my battleship.” (Hampton Roads Naval Museum photo)

On one side: A former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, former chief of naval operations, 43-year naval officer, Harvard Business School graduate and occasional late-night TV conversationalist.

On the other side: A lucky contest winner.

In the middle: The greatest Navy-themed board game ever to be turned into a motion picture starring Ray Mabus and Liam Neeson. Not necessarily in that order.

Yes, for the low price of $10 (or less), you can enter for a chance to play Battleship against retired Adm. Mike Mullen at the Naval Academy, part of an online fundraiser benefiting The Mission Continues, a group that gives post-9/11 veterans a chance to serve their communities via six-month fellowships at nonprofit agencies. The fellowships are geared toward helping a veteran on the path toward full-time employment or advancing his education.

Adm. Mike Mullen

Other online fundraisers benefiting the group are available here, including a chance to work out with retired Army Gen. David Petraeus or play paintball with Navy SEALs.

Entry deadline is April 25. Head here for the official rules. Head here for the official rules of Battleship, just in case — after all, the contest winner will be red- and white-pegging his way through a sea battle against a retired CNO. Sure, Mullen’s ideal board might include 313 ships instead of five, but that’s no reason to skip your research. Just skip the movie.



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