Forget basketball: Navy-sponsored 'Maritime March Madness' starts today


By now, many of you have joined an NCAA men’s basketball tournament pool. Some of you may have skipped a step by removing a few dollar bills from your purse or wallet and setting them on fire.

But if one bracket contest isn’t enough to calm your March Madness, the Navy has you covered:

A global force for bracketology. Click the picture to visit the Navy’s tournament home page and see a larger version.  (Navy image)

Sixty-four ships and/or aircraft types. One winner. The rules appear simple: Navy folks will release photos of the combatants on their official Google Plus page, and the public can “plus-one” their favorite. The contestant with the most votes reaches the next round.

The winner gets bragging rights; if you’re looking for some high-level, big-money, sports-related contest, you’re probably in the wrong service.

Voting begins Thursday morning, a few hours before you crumple up your other March bracket in disgust.


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  1. EQCM(SCW) Jim Thomas, ret. on

    Once again, SEABEEs are completely ignored. Not surprised. It’s just as well – they would cream the fleet in this like everything else.

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