Survive sequestration with WWMD: What Would Maverick Do?


Play beach volleyball while wearing dog tags, duh!

Maverick and Goose make plans.

Maverick and Goose make plans.

As Naval Air Forces tries to figure out exactly what happens when it stands down four air wings and cuts two more to minimum safe flying levels, Maverick and Goose know how they’ll keep busy, as this meme that’s been floating around shows.

That’s one of the perks when CWVs 2, 9, 17 and 7 get dismantled, and CVWs 1 and 11 are cut to the bone because of the sequester.

One bone to pick: Maverick would never say that they would be “playin’ beach volleyball with the guys,” because clearly during that scene in the movie the Kenny Loggins wonder-jam “Playing with the Boys” was in full effect. Details, people.

Top Gun recently returned to theaters in IMAX and 3-D, which means that there’s more space on the screen and an extra dimension to enjoy the definitive movie about naval aviation.


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  1. I’d like to point out the obvious. Obummer (CIC) and those who control our military(read : hand picked boot lickers and closet Liberal military chiefs) are systematically disarming the front line forces of our country. Anybody out there give a crap?!
    Two years ago, all NAVY IDs were collected. Like my Navy pilot fathers’ and my Navy pilot ID; they always read: ARMED FORCES of the UNITED STATES. What was issued in it’s place to my Navy pilot son read: UNIFORMED SERVICES. What intentions does this stand for??
    Start making noise to your congressional reps!

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