L.A. "Pretties": Navy wives pal around with Kelly Ripa pre-Oscars


First, check out this story about five Navy wives who won a trip to Los Angeles and the Hollywood star treatment, just in time for the Academy Awards, thanks to the syndicated daytime talk show “LIVE with Kelly and Michael.” They call themselves the “P-3 Pretties,” and their story of friendship in the face of service-driven separation makes it easy to understand how they distanced themselves from thousands of other entrants.

(Navy Times subscribers read that story days ago. Seriously, don’t make us beg.)

Next, click here to see the videos that aired on “LIVE” as part of the run-up to the big trip. Short version: Laughing, crying, heartfelt voice-over, cameo appearance by TV host Kelly Ripa, and presto — the Pretties head from Jacksonville, Fla., to Hollywood.

The show will follow the Navy wives throughout their trip for a special feature scheduled to air on Tuesday’s program. For now, they’ve sent along a few pictures. Here’s the group meeting up backstage at “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Thursday night:

Kelly Ripa meets the pool-playing “P-3 Pretties”: Navy wives Denise Steffensen , Amy Cook, Sarah Kribs, Tracy Vitali and Allison Lyon. (Disney-ABC Domestic Television photo by Eric McCandless)

The Navy wives even got some camera time during Ripa’s guest shot with Kimmel. And speaking of camera time, the fivesome poses, drinks in hand and special guest in the center, for the camera while at the Asia de Cuba restaurant:

(Disney-ABC Domestic Television photo by Eric McCandless)

And for those curious — despite the Navy’s upgrades, the spouses are sticking with “P-3 Pretties.” Friendships age better than aircraft, anyway.


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  2. Walter Zaldana on

    Mrs. Cook this is great. Lt. Cmdr. Cook was my Divo aboard USS Nimitz and worked with him one on one. He is a great leader and a great family man. Congrats to you all

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