Former sailor sings chanty to forbidden Navy love


Forbidden love, Navy-style, just got its torch song.

A former sailor has recorded his bawdy and facetious take on romantic tensions between enlisted guys and female officers on a ship, accompanying it to acoustic guitar.

“So what if you’re an O-2 and I’m an E-3/Does that mean we can’t be involved romantically?” sings Logan Vath, a former aerographer’s mate 2nd class turned singer-songwriter, in a YouTube video uploaded Jan. 5. “They say age is just a number/Well rank is just a number too.”

With pregnant pauses and innuendo, “The Fraternization Song — Navy Humor” skews into the ribald like an exceptionally tuneful skit from a ship’s talent show — which is exactly what it started as, Vath says.

One listener found the song disrespectful towards female officers, who are portrayed in it as objects of lust. But Vath says that misses the point: The song is “satirical fiction” about enlisted yearning and is “not autobiographical in any way,” he said in a post responding to negative comments.

“It’s not difficult to take a look around a ship and take notice of things that happen,” added Vath, whose first album will be released March 8, entitled “Better Man or Ghost” and features songs about travel and relationships that he wrote while he was in the Navy from 2008 to 2012.  (The Frat Song is a gag song that did not make the album, he confirmed.)

The song sails right for taboo at the end of the first verse: “And I know captain’s mast may find me soon/but I’ve got the keys to a nice fan room/and we can …. Fraternize all night long.”

What do you think? Love it or leave it?


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  1. I think this is great! It’s supposed to be a joke people, no need to take it to that level. The guy has talent too, some really nice riffs on the guitar!

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  4. I love it! Deployments can be tough. It’s nice to hear some Navy humor every once in awhile. I feel sometimes that the Navy has gotten really uptight. It’s good to relax every once in awhile and remember how we started.

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