Romania: At least it's shore duty


Your next billet may be in bucolic downtown Deveselu, Romania. Enjoy the dirt roads, the fallow fields, the horse-drawn cart, the horse and the rickety fence. Beyond that, it looks like you’re going have to make your own fun.

Romanian missile defense base

A Romanian soldier holds a barrier to the base in Deveselu. This could be your life! (Photo by Daniel Mihailescu/AFP/Getty Images)

Congress recently authorized the Navy to build an Aegis missile defense complex there, and it looks like the facility may be the most happenin’ place in south-central Romania.

After a tough week of protecting southern Europe from incoming missiles, you can stop by nearby Caracal for some R&R. Let us know what’s out there, because Google isn’t turning up anything beyond a picture of a horse-drawn cart rolling through a McDonald’s drive-through.

For more about the Romanian construction program, and other big builds on Navy bases foreign and domestic planned for 2013, click here.



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  1. In 1989, I wrote with co-author Robert Ketchell a book about how to become a Navy pilot, titled “Wings of Gold.” The book was successful and well received. At no time did anyone ask us whether we were Navy pilots. The right question to ask an author is, does he know how to write a book? My co-author was very much like Anderson at the time of publication, a young, aspiring future naval aviator. I’ve since lost touch with my co-author and don’t know whether he ever pinned on those wings.

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