'Last Resort' sunk, but co-creator promises 'kick-ass ending'

last resort

Expect all to be revealed in the “Last Resort” season finale, which most likely will serve as the end of the series. (ABC photo by Mario Perez via AP)

ABC has cancelled the submarine-treason drama “Last Resort,” but while fans won’t get a second season, they’ve been promised one heck of a finale.

“We’re going to give you no-holds barred kick-ass ending,” series co-creator Shawn Ryan tweeted shortly after the news broke. He also confirmed the show will complete its 13-episode run.

In a wide-ranging interview with “Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show,” cited by The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan addressed everything from the show’s time slot (“brutal”) to problems with certain demographics (“There was a military aspect to the show that research showed kept some women at a distance”) to what it’s like to hear the cancellation news after poor ratings performances (“I would compare it to if you have a relative who becomes terminally ill”).

Ryan also sat with THR for a post-cancellation debrief. Warning: Major spoilers included.

While ABC won’t order more episodes — adding nine to the existing 13-episode order to complete a full season — the show is still technically under consideration to be picked up next season, according to the Deadline.com report cited above. It’s a very unlikely path to renewal, but it gives fans some hope.

However, efforts by hopeful fans haven’t brought big numbers. A Facebook page dedicated to saving the show attempted a “Contact Blitz” on Monday afternoon designed to rally its followers into jamming the ABC switchboard. Less than 40 people signed up. An online petition with the goal of 50,000 signatures had less than 400 as of Monday afternoon.

Ryan’s now free to concentrate on a TV-series remake of “Beverly Hills Cop,” which he’ll co-executive produce with original star Eddie Murphy for CBS, according to Deadline. Murphy will appear in the pilot and hand starring-role duties to Brandon T. Jackson, who’ll play Axel Foley’s son, Aaron.

To recap: Jackson stars with Murphy, who co-produces with Ryan, who gave a big interview about his Navy-themed show being shelved to Pollak, who was in “A Few Good Men” with Kevin Bacon. Circle of life, Hollywood-style.


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  1. It’s upsetting and quite a shame Last Resort has been cancelled. It is one of the only good shows currently on TV. The creators should try to get the show picked up by USA or FX – networks who’s viewers enjoy more intellectual stimulation than the ABC viewers watching Gray’s or The Bachelor. Even if the series was finished out (instead of an abrupt one season ending) and sold on DVD without being aired I, and I’m sure many of the other 9million+ viewers, would buy the entire series.

  2. i was looking at allot of web site to hear if the show is coming back on TV Im 11 and this is the show that i would give up my thruday for and i no there acting but sam and chite look like they love each other and the fact that they faked her death and he things she dead they cant end like that neeed to no what happen

  3. This is the best series that I had seen so far and if ABC not interested surely there are other channels and other time slots. Just because women doesn’t like it, well can’t pleased everyone, there are so many males who loved the military side of things. Plot good, actors superb, action packed. Should not abort the Mission yet !

  4. I for one, am sick of ABC, and how they kill series that a lot of us really enjoy. First there was “Invasion”, dead after one season. Then there was “V” the terrific redo of the Eighties mini- series. V was well written, well cast, and kept me coming back for more. ABC killed that show, and like Invasion, did not have decency to do a finale, and not leave us fans hanging like they did. And now, the clueless at ABC are killing what for me , is the most compelling show on television. Does every friggin show have to pass the smell test if women, most of whom can go no intellectually farther than Bachelor, or Dancing with the Stars? How about a good guy show like Last Resort for us guys, ABC? It is going to get to the place where I am going to ignore ABC all together. At least I am glead they will do a LR finale.

  5. As a former submariner I gave it a fair shake though I knew in the back of my mind that they would get that part wrong. I have enjoyed the show for the most part, but I cringed everytime they showed them aboard the Colorado. They really should have brought in some kind of consultant. Though the submarine part of the show was completely incorrect the story and the rest of the action was not that bad. I agree that another network should give it a chance much like they did for Southland.

  6. Oddly enough, I watch the show and my husband doesn’t. It has a fast paced, intricate, ever-changing story line that keeps me rivited. (I think it is those very things that make it difficult for my husband to follow.) I have wondered how many plot turns could sustain this story over the long term. It would have been interesting to find out. It’s too bad the show has been cancelled; it is one of only three shows I watch on ABC during Mon. – Fri. prime time.

  7. You have a Navy boomer loaded with SLBMs, a renegade captain, nuclear detonations obliterating one government and threatening the U.S., a White House plot and instead of exploiting these electrifying opportunities, the show spends hour after hour focusing on a remote island’s local thug and crew disagreements.

    And you wonder why the series got cancelled?!

  8. Can’t believe another good show has been cancelled yet again. I am a woman and I enjoy this show. Get rid of the reality shows and give us more programming like LR.

  9. I’m very disappointed that Last Resort will be cancelled. I’m female and it’s one show my husband, son, and I can watch together. I’m sick of all the crime shows, there’s hardly anything else to choose from. No wonder people flock to reality TV, me included (DWTS & Survivor only – no Bachelor). But Last Resort is a show of substance that keeps you engaged and wanting more. Give us a break! Give us some variety! Depth is okay too – no pun intended 🙂

  10. This is typical of ABC. Remember High Incident and the cliff hanging shoot out, Invasion, V, the list goes on and on. All these shows where cancelled and the viewers where left hanging. I didn’t watch any ABC shows for years after they cancelled Invasion. At least CBS had the decency to wrap up Jericho. I first heard that they would wrap up Last Resort, now they’re calling the last episode a season finale. I’m done, done, done with ABC.

  11. My hubby & I enjoy the thrill & plot of action dramas. It is becoming harder to find an action drama on regular tv. Maybe the 20-35 age group are the target groups for tv execs,but it is pretty discriminatory to have only tv for their tastes! Where is the variety? Most of the so-called comedies are so predictable and un funny and use inappropriate sexual content for the 8-10PM slot. After “24” went off it seems no good dramas are able to get a long lease. Very sad. And it is SO irksome that execs don t even give a decent finale for us dedicated fans. Dramas get you connected to characters and it’s just rude to deny the fans a closure to their time investments for a favorite drama. I still think an ending could’ve been done for these shows over the past 2 years: The Event, Brothers& Sisters, Missing, Last Resort, and a 60’s themed drama called American Dream from about 8 years ago. All got the same treatment. There are others mentioned by other fans that got that treatment too. What’s with all the NEW shows mid season? One can hardly get established before it’s off. No attention spans??? The over 50 boomers are an Important demographic group who don’t care about shallow “Bachelor” type reality junk. I would love to see braver networks pick up some of these dramas !!

  12. My husband and I loved watching Last Resort and recorded it religiously so we could watch it together because our schedules are so hectic. It is one of three shows we take the time to record and watch and now we find out through the teasers that the “epic series finale” is scheduled. I don’t watch the cops/detectives/sit-coms because they are predictable and waste of what little time I have for “entertainment” but this show we really enjoyed. What a disappointment that ABC didn’t give it a better time slot and another season.

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  14. One good show in ten yrs and then they cancel. Go figure. That is why I have cable, nothing between the ears at the networks.

  15. So disappointed in cancellation of Last Resort! Best show on TV in ages. So tired of silly, reality, crime, hospital, stupid shows, and now an intelligent, touching, dramatic, and honest show gets us hooked and now cancelled!! Please bring it back!

  16. One of the best shows on TV whole family was always looking forward to Thur 8pm for this program.Had I know it was in trouble would have called or written in.I think the network chiefs need to be cancelled not the program if they think this was not a quality production.Nothing is more frustrating then getting attached to a good program that gets cancelled and watching all the garbage that remains for years.Extremly disappointed about cancellation.

  17. Cant believe they ended the show in just one season === it was great writing and well balanced they where FOOLS to have cancel it!

  18. Such a shame – it’s all abou the numbers for the networks, that’s why the Walking Dead is doing so well on another network, but Last Resort was cancelled on ABC.

    I’m glad I enjoyed Last Resort, stellar. Thank you for that.

  19. They wrapped it up all right – but it was all so sudden and fast – and even then left threads open. I hope someone takes the show 1-12 (drop finale) and then it can contiune. If put at a better airing time, and not against Big Bang et al, then it should so great. Have to be quick to keep that great cast!

  20. I so agree with everyone that said the show was well written and well-played. Didn’t know it was ending until last night – shocked! So, military aspects don’t agree with the female audience?? Come on! LOVE well-thought-out, intelligent action dramas like this rather than the “moving wall-paper” that most television shows become. USA Network, please pick this up!

  21. It’s abc show, what do you expect 10 seasons? smh.
    There’s a group on facebook called: Always Bet on Cancellations.

  22. Can’t believe this has been scrapped. As a UK viewer I had just finished watching episode 12 and was looking for a way to watch 13 and look for a series 2…how gutted I am. There’s so much rubbish staying on our screens and brilliant shows like this being dumped for pathetic reasons… Thanks a lot abc from a ‘former’ UK fan. Get a grip and keep shows like this running instead of garbage!

  23. My Thursday evenings were composed of three favourites, LAST RESORT being one of them. Good shows are hard to find these days and for ABC to cancel based on not enough WOMEN? I’m a woman of 73 and I loved that show. I hope another network will take it over. Bye ABC.

  24. Carla J Patterson on

    As others have said, this is a shame. I am glad they gave us some closure at the end but I was amazed when I realized that was it. Such great writing, acting, and drama… ABC execs are really short- sighted. In our household, I am the one who likes military shows (when this well-written) rather than my husband. It’s not “women” who don’t watch, it’s people who can’t handle a complicated and intellect- stimulating plot line.

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