Army-Navy 2012 spirit spot rules


Think you have what it takes to make a hit Army-Navy spirit spot?

NAVADMIN 337/12, released today, has all the rules you need to follow if you’re thinking of making a spot, either for Youtube or to submit to CBS Sports to be aired during the game.

You can check out the NAVADMIN for full details, but here’s a quick rundown:

Who?: Sailors at home and abroad who are rooting for Navy!

What?: Broadcast-quality spirit spots. If the video is being submitted for consideration by CBS, the spot must be 30 seconds or less. If it’s for Youtube or other social media, it has to be under a minute. All videos must contain the submitting command’s name and location, according to the message.

Where should I send it?: U.S. Navy Office of Information, Attn: Damon Moritz, 1200 Navy Pentagon, Room 4B514, Washington, D.C. 20350. You can also upload your video online. Email with “Army-Navy Transmission Request” in the subject line to get information on how to send the file.

Also be sure to send us the link and your video may be featured on Scoop Deck! Send spirit spot links to

When?: The 113th Army-Navy game is Dec. 8 in Philadelphia. All videos must be sent to the Navy Office of Information Video Division by Nov. 30.

Why?: Because Navy is on a 10-game winning streak, according to the game’s website. How can you NOT be excited enough to film a spirit spot after that?

How?: The NAVADMIN includes some suggestions on how to make a blockbuster video that is more likely to air on CBS Sports. Videos should show enthusiasm, humor, creativity and motivation, the message said. In addition, sailors should avoid lengthy group shots of the command and ensure that the video has good audio and is in focus.

Still need more inspiration? Here are a couple of our favorites from previous years:

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