Ukrainian navy is training killer dolphins


This dolphin may look friendly, but the Ukrainian navy is training a fleet of killer flippers to attack enemy swimmers. Photo from

They may not be Dr. Evil’s sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads, but the Ukrainian navy is getting something pretty close.

The Ukrainian navy is beginning to train dolphins to attack enemy combat swimmers using knives and guns that will be strapped to their heads, Russian news site Ria Novosti reported. The dolphins will be used to defend ships in port and on raids, according to the site.

A source told the news site that 10 dolphins are currently being trained for “special tasks.” In addition to attacking with knives and guns, these tasks also include locating weapons or other items of interest to the military and marking them with a buoy.

There are only two dolphin training bases in the world: one in Ukraine and one in San Diego. The U.S. Navy’s marine mammal program trains dolphins and sea lions to find mines and other objects underwater.


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