SEAL to make another attempt at pull-up record


Goggins will try to set a world pullup record after his wrist heals.

Chief Special Operator (SEAL) David Goggins will try again to set a new world record for the most pullups in a 24-hour period, continuing his effort to bring attention to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

On Sept. 26-27 he tried to break a 4,020 pullup record set by Great Britain’s Stephen Hyland in July 2011, but Goggins hurt his wrist and pulled out after 2,588 pullups. By the time his attempt was over he raised $12,030 for the foundation, a charity that gives college scholarships to the children of special operators who die in operations or training. Despite that, his efforts continued to inspire people and as of this writing his effort had raised $23,900 through

But he will try once more to break the record. The foundation’s website includes portions of an email from Goggins that said that he expects to recover form his wrist injury and he’ll make another attempt after he has healed.

“I’m really fired up!” he wrote.

Not bad for a guy who admittedly doesn’t like working out, and only keeps at it because of his commitment to the cause.


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  1. The Special Operations Warrior Foundation staff could not be more proud of and grateful to David Goggins for his support over the past several years. The money he has raised is helping pay for the college educations of children of fallen SOF personnel – including Navy SEALS – and providing overnight cash gifts so loved ones can get to the hospital bedsides of wounded operators right away – though sometimes they use it to pay bills piling up at home. I’m a retired chief petty officer who has worked at the SOWF for two years, and while I have yet to meet David, I feel he represents the U.S. Navy, the CPO brotherhood, and the SEAL community with dignity and humility.

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  5. That’s a pretty insane volume of pull ups. It’s pretty sweet how he’s doing this for a great cause as well.

    Are these strict or kipping pull ups?

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