Earplug leftovers find new life as cushions


If you thought your earplugs felt comfortable in your ears, how do you think they’ll feel underfoot or as a seat?

Moonmats are the leftovers of the earplug manufacturing process that have been re-purposed as large cushions for picnics, concerts, sleeping pads and other events where you may want a soft spot to take a load off. Like the ear-pro, they’re that unmistakable combo of aqua marine and neon orange.

“Green or Orange? It’s whichever you choose. but no matter where you go when your flyin’ high don’t forget your favorite crazy MoonMat to sit on the ground and enjoy a good day,” the company says on its Facebook page.

It appears that when earplugs are made there’s a large sheet of squishy foam material. The plugs are punched out, leaving a sheet filled with rows of thousands of holes. This sheet is stamped with a logo, cut to roughly 44 inches by 57 inches, and becomes a Moonmat. They sell online for $50 a pop or two for $90, shipping included.


Moonmats are made from what’s leftover from the earplug manufacturing process. // themoonmat.com

Before stumbling onto the website this week, the Scoop Deck saw them for sale at a festival earlier this year but didn’t check them out up close. But from a distance they looked extremely comfy, but pretty bulky, which could be a big inconvenience if you’re toting one around all day. How about making some small enough to slide into a backpack?


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