Five lessons CEOs could learn from carrier crews


MC2 Eva-Marie Ramsaran/Navy
A CEO wrote that businesses could learn five lessons from carrier crews, like sharing knowledge among workers.

Despite having young workers and a high rate of turnover, business execs could stand to learn five lessons from the Navy, according to a report by Forbes.

One thing the Navy is really good at, according to the report, is making sure knowledge isn’t lost when someone leaves the service. That means multiple generations’ worth of experiences and knowledge informs a newly enlisted sailor’s actions today.

The five things the service excels at are training, qualification boards, practice, reviews and progression. The author of the article, Craig Malloy, who is the CEO of Bloomfire, also gives tips on how to incorporate these lessons into technology start-ups.

Do you think the Navy does a good job of sharing knowledge? What other lessons do you think should be applied to life outside the Navy?


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