Grill masters from Navy, Army face off


The Army-Navy rivalry hit the grill when chefs from the two services competed on the Today Show to see who could create the best July 4th ribs and potatoes feast on Sunday.

Celebrity chef and host of “Cooking for Real” Sunny Anderson judged the chow dished up by the two service members. Culinary Specialist 1st Class Andrae Keith represented the Navy and whipped up pork spare ribs with onions and green peppers. The ribs were rubbed with many spices, including dry teriyaki, fresh red pepper, spicy mustard, honey, and Worcestershire sauce. CS1 Keith’s secret ingredient? Grandma’s molasses, he said.

For the side, CS1 Keith made a warm grilled potato salad covered in a sweet vinaigrette with bacon.

After Anderson thanked both chefs for their service, as well as their “service on the grill,” she pronounced Navy the winner.

See the tasty barbeque for yourself below.



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