The Navy is spending a GAZILLION dollars on flying elephants


How do you make the Navy’s budget hilarious? Give it the Taiwanese digital animation treatment. Next Media Animation takes a shot at the Navy’s budget and acquisition habits in a cartoon released on YouTube today.

“US Navy spends money like a drunken sailor,” it begins, before showing Uncle Sam water-skiing behind a destroyer (or, at least that’s what it appears to say, we have to trust the translators here). Hey, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus did say that alcohol was a factor in too many skipper firings.

There are shots at the F-35C Lightning II, which in one segment is shot off the deck of an unnamed aircraft carrier, only to morph into a flying elephant that crashes in Australia next to a guy who is drinking a can of Foster’s the size of an oil barrel. Somehow, the point that this is a costly program with a bunch of setbacks is clear. (By the way, the people who like the F-35 may want to point out that Dumbo eventually proved that he’s indispensable.)

The ‘toon skewers the Navy’s plans to buy fewer Zumwalt class-destroyers as well.

“The Navy chose this route rather than focusing on smaller, next generation ‘Streetfighter’ boats and low tech destroyers that are a fraction of the cost” it says, while Uncle Sam reaches for a fishing hook while dudes in suits with General Dynamics logos lure him in.

“History has shown that in battle, numbers are the most important force attribute. China and Iran understand this and are focusing on on asymmetric warfare to counter the US’ expensive weapons,” and shows carriers and other ships being blown to smithereens while in 5th Fleet.


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