USNA Class of 2015 is sexy and they know it


Plebe year may be over for the Class of 2015, but the dance moves and Navy pride of the 25th company will live in infamy on the internet forever.

In the Youtube video below, female students begin joking about how Army guys are “no brains and all body,” while Navy guys are “so much sexier.” The Navy guys then proceed to prove them right, shaking it to LMFAO’s hit single “Sexy and I Know It,” to scare off a pack of plebes who donned short-shorts and open-front vests to look like Army students.

The two packs of military men even challenge each other to a wiggle-off at about the 2:40 mark. The video ends with the “Army” pack running from the Naval Academy mascot and an enthusiastic “Go Navy! Beat Army!” See for yourself below.


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  1. Have UCMJ charges been filed? Every one in this video have violated the UCMJ.

    But I’m sure that since they are USNA personnel, the COC will protect them.

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