Sights from the annual Herndon Monument climb


Here are some images from Tuesday’s Herndon climb. Midshipman 4th Class Andrew Craig, 19, of Tulsa, Okla., was this year’s top plebe.

Here’s video of the start from the Naval Academy’s YouTube page.[youtube][/youtube]


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  1. the navy is always talking about how we need to stop hazing but at the USNA they haze all the time and its alright can someone explain how is that right

  2. A bunch of sweaty, shirtly dudes climbing a slippery greased pole so that they can place a sailor cap on the tip.

    Obviously – the USNA isn’t having much of a problem with repeal of DA-DT.

  3. Sweaty, shirtless young men climbing a big greasy pole. And it’s a required activity. I can see why the USNA has always been the most gay friendly of the academies.

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