Hollywood, this is a sailor, not a "soldier"


Battleship director Peter Berg dropped the S-bomb. Unfortunately, he dropped the wrong one.

In a promotional clip, he twice referred to sailors as “soldiers,” a major gaff since nobody in the Navy identifies as a soldier. He said his affinity for the service created a good relationship with the Navy and got his movie the access it needed.

“They know that I love soldiers and that I respect the warrior spirit of any soldier,” Berg said in a clip clogged with both actors and sailors running around in NWUs. “As a result they opened up their doors to us.”

It’s kind of like saying you love your wife but you keep calling her by your ex-girlfriend’s name.

The problem is that “soldier” is purely an Army term.  Geeze, even individual augmentees that serve and live alongside soldiers don’t call themselves soldiers – jokingly, they say they’re in the Narmy. And sailors are all proud of what they do and, of course, think that any other branch of the military is blatantly inferior (to be fair, all members of the military think that their service is the best and the others, no offense, are puddles of slime. So in this context, calling a guy running around in NWUs a “soldier” is insulting to members of the Army as well).

Watch for yourself.





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