"Battleship" redux


If you can’t wait six more months to see it in theaters, there’s a new trailer for “Battleship.”

We’ve written about this flick before, but this new preview includes near non-stop shoot’em-up action against bug-like aliens and their cyborg technology.

And one more thing, this movie is obviously pushing some sort of agenda… just look at all those command ball caps with NWUs!

Anyway, enough with the chatter, just click play.


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  1. Naval aviation has “Top Gun” and “Bridge on Toko Ri.”

    Submariners have “Crimson Tide” and “Hunt for Red October”.

    SWOs have “The Caine Mutiny” (about insane CO) and now this steaming pile of crap.

    No wonder no one wants to be a SWO!

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