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Besides Facebook and Twitter and the other social media outlets that have become routine ways to keep in touch with deployed ships, the carrier Carl Vinson is keeping a Tumblr blog.

With posts from a gaggle of sailors across the ship, it’s geared to sailors and filled with advice about how to make life at sea better. There’s a post about the importance of vaccinations and drinking plenty of water, another about how to take college courses while underway, and one about the carrier’s new coffee bar.

It’s an “official” blog, so the CO and the public affairs officers know what’s going on, but the posts seem pretty candid anyway.

The Vinson pulled out of San Diego on Nov. 30 and the first post appeared a few days later.


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  1. My suggestion is, “Dock Line,” because it implies a connection, be it from home, the Command, or between the troops. My sailor connection on the ship is Andres Cadena, we’re very proud of him, and our brave warriors protecting our Country. I will always be, Semper Fi, Richard Teasley (former E-5 USMC)

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