"Reality Check" — A New "Spiced" episode.


When we last saw Josh and Greg in April, the Navy’s inseparable and loveable pot-smoking puppets had experienced a major hiccup in their friendship as outlined in Scoop Deck post here.

That came, of course, after Josh turned his best friend in for smoking spice. After that, Greg was kicked out of the Navy.

After a brief rehash of the previous episode, creator Geoff Breedwell picks up the story with Josh visiting the newly separated Greg.


This new message comes at a time when the Navy is cracking down hard on spice. There have been major busts on a few Navy ships. Those facts have Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (SS/SW) Rick West riled up about the issue to the point he recently sent out a personal message to all the chiefs in the fleet urging them to keep up the pressure on their sailors by discussing the dangers and consequences of using Spice.

“This issue is not driven by money or manpower realities, but by extremely poor personal choices, an alarming lack of awareness, and perhaps a false sense of security,” West wrote. “This drug is consistently bad news to both the sailors using it and the shipmates they are letting down.”

Perhaps Breedwell read that message as much of what West wrote comes across in the witty and lighthearted clip.

As you can see, somethings when friends make bad choices — it requires friends to make tough decisions.

If you want to relive the entire saga from the start, it never hurts to review and think.


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