NWUs: Good enough for POTUS


Sailors in the Navy working uniform stand at attention as the president passes by at a formal ceremony. // AP Photo

At a Nov. 4 ceremony in Cannes, France, honoring the U.S.-French alliance, President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy reviewed troops from both nations. Amid them, standing at attention, front and center, was a formation of sailors in blue-and-gray NWUs.

The fleet has often complained that the off-base restrictions on NWUs are too tight: In the U.S., you can’t wear them for personal appointments or shopping.

But if it’s good enough for a formal review by the president, isn’t it OK for the mall?

Asked that in a Nov. 8 interview, Greenert replied: “I have never had anybody approach me, ‘If it’s good enough for the president, it’s good enough for the mall,’ but again, I’ve stood in review … in the working uniform.  And if that would be the appropriate uniform as [prescribed]by the event, then so be it.”

No word yet on whether he’ll relax the NWU wear restrictions, a step he’s considering.


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  1. So, the uniform board and Master Chief Retired are thinking of NEW uniforms, yet still don’t allow Sailors to wear them. Nice way he rolled from active duty into retirement with the same job he had before.

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