Navy video warns against spice


Monday’s announcement of 28 sailors aboard the aircraft carrier Reagan being busted for spice is the perfect hook to mention that the Navy has a new video warning against the use of the synthetic drug.

The video reminds service members how the fake pot can negatively affect their health and military careers, according to a DoD press release.

In the video, Rear Adm. Michael Anderson, medical officer to the Marine Corps, sums it up: “It’s not legal, it’s not healthy, it’s not worth it.”

The video couldn’t come soon enough for the Navy. There has been a rash of busts and subsequent discharges related to spice, including:

  • 64 sailors busted in October, 49 aboard the carrier Carl Vinson alone
  • 16 sailors busted on the amphib Bataan in February
  • 7 midshipmen expelled from the Naval Academy in January. During the spice probe, investigators found a notebook that laid out a plan for an alleged spice ring at Annapolis. The investigation ultimately claimed 16 mids by August.

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