Did you survive the ERB?


Staff writer Mark D. Faram reported Monday that results of the first enlisted retention board have hit the streets, and petty officers third and second class in 31 overmanned ratings are finding out their fate.

And this is only the first round: Those considered by the second ERB, sailors E-6 through E-8, won’t be notified of the results until after Thanksgiving.

In a blog post Monday, Fleet Forces Command’s Adm. John Harvey stressed the fleet’s role in supporting those who must leave:

On a final note, I want to say that it’s never easy to see our Shipmates leave. I take great pride in having served with so many talented men and women who all volunteered to serve their nation. Although we cannot change the results of the ERB, we can very much control how we support our Sailors who will be separating. I ask that all of you who know someone being affected by this ERB reach out and offer your assistance.”

Navy Times wants to know how sailors are taking the news. Did someone tell you that you have to leave by next September? Did your request to convert to a new rating come through?

And if you supervise junior sailors, did the board get it right, or was a top performer tapped to go?

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  1. AM2 Geus, James on

    I am ended my deployment onboard the George H. W. Bush and i have recieved the news that i didnt get selected for retention. i am making my peace with it, but as others, i am nowhere ready to seperate. I think that it is unfair, and its breach of contract. obviously I can do nothing about it. I just hope that the people responsible for the ERB know that I am really worried about the health of some of my shipmates. Some other seperaters arent doing well. i dont just mean about getting out, I really think some of the sailors that the Navy was all that they, and I have already heard one sailor talk about ending his life because he cant face his family. I have reported it and he is getting help, but I hope that the board members know that, the best sailor, possible the best damn jet engine mechanic I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, is seperating. i feel that they should have asked for volunteers, then allow the CO’s to make the decision about there sailors. As a Navy Brat, i will continue to support and defend, but i feel real bad about where the future of the U.S. Military is heading.

    A concerned and crying Petty Officer,
    James C. Geus Jr. AM2, USN

  2. No matter how much the Navy tries to surgarcoat ERB, it’s still just as disheartening and degrading as PTS no matter how people try to justify it. As soon as I found out that I got denied (and many sailors making fun of me for it), I felt so sick and hopeless that I thought about jumping off the ship during my last deployment; I felt my future was snatched away from me. With no help and no support, and feeling that I have nothing to lose, I feeling I have less reasons to fight, let alone less reasons to live. Feel free to talk me out of it but with no hope of getting my career back, it’s pointless. I’m through.

  3. All of this is a fiasco for the U.S. government to get out of paying 2 billions more dollars in retirements to 2947 sailors. I am not seleced to stay in either, after the best Eval in my soon to be 15 year Naval career, #5 of 57 first class petty officers. I have been a “sustained superior performer” for what will be 15 years in February, and would be putting on khakis if I had the chance to take the E-7 exam this January. Knife #2 in my back… I blew out my knee in 2008 and failed one BCA but passed the PFA on that cycle. This is the only scratch in my un-tarneshed tenure. I am far from the “bottom of the barrel” which is what they were looking for to separate. I also put in a conversion package to no avail. If they weren’t going to offer it to more than 100 sailors, they why put it in the NAVADMIN and waste my time in the first damn place. I was fully qualified to transfer to CTM or CTN as per fleet ride. Then to offer up a 15 year retirement on October first, one month after the ERB’s are out, is knife #3 twisting in my gut even more. I am angry and disappointed by what Washington has done to volunteers who have paid their price, up to, and including death if necessary, and then just with one “secret” good ol’ boy meeting of Officers, snatch my hopes and dreams of a complete naval career from my heart. They could have done the 15 year retirement first, and then probably wouldn’t have had to do the ERB. Enough sailos would have gotten out from the B.S. which IS todays Navy! I hope all you congressional people sleep well in the next few years, because you only have to serve Four damn years for a retirement that lasts the rest of you’re lives. Don’t fall asleep on the enemythough, because they’re watching all you’re cutbacks, and you’ll have no one left to protect our “free” country with the increased downsizing. I have lost pride, blood and tears for this country, and don’t call me back after I join the IRR just so I can get my pathetic $46,000 severance after taxes. That’s the only thing you can still depend on, TAXES… I won’t be coming back in when you call me up in the future. I’ll pull a Vietnam Bill Clinton, and go to Canada where their citizens get government funded medical and great jobs with a promising future.
    That’s all… Publish my story in the Navy times if you have the guts. I just don’t care anymore…

  4. I find it hard to accept the ERB results, considering the board was supposed to focus on ALL eligible sailors for declining performance, such as recent documented misconduct and substandard performance indicators. Removal of security clearance when required by rating, military or civilian conviction or NJP, and administrative or personnel action for misconduct such as DUI, DWI, spouse or child abuse, PFA failures, in the 31 designated overmanned ratings in pay grades E-4 to E-8, with at least 7 and less than 15 years of service.
    I fall under none of the above. I am sure I am not the only one. Why am I being separated under ERB? Why am I still serving in the U.S. Navy with members that do have declining performance and have had documented misconducts and substandard performances indicators in the 31designated overmanned ratings? No one can seem to answer that. Was it a board mistake? Although I would love to believe that, I feel like the board was not just focusing on members with documented misconducts or declining performance. It seems as if they over looked documented misconducts if the member had a critical NEC.

  5. Here is an update for you. Well I have been seperated for 2 months now by ERB. Laid off of my third job since forced seperation. Blowing straight through my seperation pay, wife still isn’t collecting BAH for using my G.I. Bill (VA didnt exspect this many applications, so they say). unprepared for the real world, and know beneifits to fall back on, I figure it won’t take that long for the medical bills to stack up with my EFM and NO medical. The country is going to garbage, NO ONE cares if you are a veteran in this world. If my math is correct, we will be homeless in just about a year (my math should be close, you trained me as a CFS). Thank you government. I can’t even convince my 7 year old that America is a good place to live. She did tell me that she hated it when I was in the Navy, but that I should go back because we bought better food and toys while I was there. If you call me back, I wont be there. You better call some stupid kid to do your dirty work, because I am not buying it. I am currently looking for career opertunities ANYWHERE outside the USA. I don’t trust the government anymore and look forward to giving my “I told you so” when it falls right on its fat face.

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