A new tradition: post-port push-ups


The crew of destroyer Wayne E. Meyer celebrated a successful port call with a push-up. // U.S. Navy

Nothing says welcome back after a port call like the command: “Get on your faces!”

That’s exactly how the crew of the destroyer Wayne E. Meyer, now on its first deployment, celebrated being back aboard the ship Nov. 14, after a three-day visit to Phuket, Thailand. Undoubtedly, push-ups with your palms straining on the fo’c’sle non-skid is a palpable reminder that you’re haze gray again.

The push-up — or were they push-ups? — was to “celebrate” their successful port visit, according to the caption on this Navy newsstand photo, a moment captured by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Joshua Keim.

That only leaves one question: What do they do for a bad port call?

What do you think? Are group push-ups fun or just collective pain wrapped in hooyah?


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  1. I served on tin cans from 1960 to 1971. The roll and pitch of the ship can make push-ups easy and hard, depending if the ship going up or down during a push-up

  2. Yeah boy! Nothing quite like being stacked up like cord wood, smelling your shipmate’s hangover sweat while doing push-ups, with the added bonus of possibly earning some cellulitis in your hands from the nasty non-skid!!

    Reminds me of what the “crossing the line” ceremonies, to earn your Shellback status, used to be like, back in my day!

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