Shipping over in style


Do you have a favorite re-enlistment ceremony?

Maybe a family member or VIP swore you in. Maybe the location was historically significant.

Or maybe you were being circled by sharks at the time.

Although he wasn’t defying death while raising his hand, Senior Chief Aviation Electrician’s Mate (AW) Mukunda-Krishna Tyson of Patrol Squadron 1 likely won’t forget his ceremony before Sunday’s Seattle Seahawks game.

In the photo below, Tyson is sworn in by Lt. Thomas Madera, also of VP-1, as tens of thousands of fans watched. VP-1 is based at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Wash. (And the hometown Seahawks beat the Baltimore Ravens, 22-17.)

In the comments section, tell us about your most memorable re-enlistment ceremony and what made shipping over that day so special.


Senior Chief Aviation Electrician's Mate Makunda-Krishna Tyson, right, is sworn in by Lt. Thomas Madera on Sunday. // The Associated Press



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