A battleship of your very own


Pretend to be Adm. Bull Halsey with this 20-foot replica of the battleship New Jersey, up for auction for $80,000. // ebay.com

With the battleship Iowa being prepared for its debut next year as an interactive museum near Los Angeles, you might be thinking, where’s my battleship?

The car enthusiast website jalopnik.com has the scoop: For a mere $80,000, you can own your own replica of the battleship New Jersey.

The ebay auction description notes the ship is powered by a 120 HP Sea Doo jet drive. Also: “Two of the main guns are fully articulating and fire streams of high pressure water. The vessel also contains a 4000 watt generator, air compressor and high pressure stainless steel water pump.”

And since the listing notes that there’s room for a two-man crew, you and a shipmate can split the cost.


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