Coast Guard makes it onto "Jeopardy"

The set of Jeopardy

Jeopardy Productions Inc./The "Jeopardy" set

If you are into Coast Guard trivia and don’t mind answering in the form of a question, check out the “Jeopardy” Clue of the Day today.

The question: “The Coast Guard looks out for the smuggling of drugs and people in this practice, from the Old French for ‘to forbid.'”

If you want to know the answer, watch Friday’s Jeopardy or pick up a Saturday copy of the New York Times. Or, if you’re impatient,  you could just do some Googling.

(A side note – For Navy/Civil War buffs, Wednesday’s clue could be fun: “By the end of 1862, this newly appointed rear admiral controlled the entire Gulf Coast except for Mobile.” Click here for the answer.)


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