Advice from a guy who has done it before


The Tailhook Reunion and Symposium hosted a winging ceremony, a first for the annual meet-up. Two Navy and two Marine Corps officers received their wings. But before things were made official for Lt. j.g. Erik Michael Sink, 1st Lt. Jeffrey C. Monroe, Lt. j.g. Gregory Brett Maters and 1st Lt. Reid Savid, retired Adm. Tim Keating, formerly CO of Northern Command and Pacific Command, gave some advice that will help out any aviator headed to their first squadron.

  1. Don’t forget about mom and dad.
  2. Learn how to be a good wingman. “The best combat leaders I know … they were great wingmen. It’s a hard job to be in position, to be prepared.
  3. “Have fun, it’s hard enough work.”
  4. “Work hard. The fate of our nation is on your shoulders. It sounds like a momentous statement. It is. It’s meant to be.”

And with not much else, the four young pilots received their golden wings.


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