Hornets, Vikings and carrier Yorktown (?!) in Disney movie


It’s not just the littoral combat ship Independence that has a cameo in a Disney movie. All sorts of Navy hardware show up for an upcoming release.

A carrier and at least a squadron’s worth of Super Hornets are featured in “Planes,” a direct-to-video movie expected in 2013. A frame-by-frame review of the trailer shows that in addition to Hornets, there’s what looks like an S-3B Viking in the background of an unidentifiable aircraft carrier (a big “10” is painted on the flight deck, but this ship is clearly is not Yorktown, which was decommissioned in 1970), and a B-2 Spirit (which the Air Force, not the Navy flies) soaring over a mountain range as well.

The plot line is far from clear, but seems to be another “Little Engine that Could” tale, complete with a puny turbo-prop – something that seems like a better fit among Cessnas and other general aviation aircraft — that’s somehow assigned to the carrier.

Not even released yet, the movie is already getting slammed across the blogosphere, with the overall sentiment boiling down to “what is this junk?”

Well, at least the trailer is entertaining and has good background music. Nothing could be more appropriate for a movie about a bunch of overly-animated, smiling, wise-cracking, anthropomorphic aircraft than Rob Zombie’s “More Human than Human.”


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