The ship that buried bin Laden



"No comment": Carl Vinson commanding officer Capt. Bruce Lindsey talks about what he can't talk about during a June 13 conference call with reporters // Navy

It’s gotta be at least a little frustrating. You’re just wrapping up a highly successful deployment and you’ve finally got a whole mess of reporters who want to talk to you about it. But they don’t. They want to talk about that. You know. That guy you buried at sea and now utterly defines your ship, crew and deployment, at least until the next big thing happens.

You are no longer the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. You are The Carrier That Buried Osama Bin Laden, and it’s sticking with you, no matter how tangential the story.  Check out these headlines:

U.S. carrier that buried bin Laden visits Hong Kong

Navy ship that buried bin Laden stops in Hawaii

Osama’s burial ship captain fears for crew safety in aftermath of operation

“Osama’s burial ship.” Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Capt. Bruce Lindsey, in a June 13 conference call with eager reporters, took it all in stride — and a dash of humor. When told by one reporter that a California man was planning on heading to the Arabian Sea with designs on finding bin Laden’s resting place, Lindsey responded: “OK, that’ll be an interesting mission, and I hope he has a lot of money.”


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