Bin Laden death photo: FAKE!


AP recalled a photo at first thought to be the "death shot" of Osama Bin Laden.

As quickly as the news spread of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, a picture of his alleged bloodied death face began circulating. It has been lighting up the pages of Facebook and making the rounds on TV reports, websites and strings of emails.

Click here to see the alleged photo.

Just as quickly, though, the authenticity of the photo was being debunked on the web. Even the Associated Press, which disseminates photos to news organizations around the world, recalled the photo after determining it was bogus.


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  1. Cheyenne Ross on

    FYI, without revealing sources, DO NOT OPEN ANYTHING THAT SAYS DEAD BIN Laden (or as I say BEEN Laden) photo’s.
    Obviously never an email link but some out to wreak havock on our great nation, have actually created fake Yahoo and Google pages and the link title will sound official like CBSnews,com, or CNN excusive in the link.

    If you open it (well you guys/gals wouldn’t ) but warn other users of computers in your household because there is talk that they are attaching viruses to those links.
    Homeland Security has not made it a secret but the media has not picked up on the very real threat of a cyber attack.

    IMO, these people who are a waste of oxygen, will stop at nothing to try and defeat us,

    Try as they might, they’ll NEVER break my spirit and pride for my country.

    God Bless all, stay safe. We NEED YOU!!

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