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Navy ships and subs launched a barrage of Tomahawk cruise missiles at Libyan air defenses Saturday, including this one, filmed by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jonathan Sunderman, leaping skyward out of the Norfolk-based destroyer Barry. The strikes, and subsequent bomb attacks by U.S., French and British aircraft, followed the March 17 passage of a U.N. resolution authorizing “all necessary measures” to protect civilians in Libya, particularly rebel fighters, being attacked by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s forces.

The coalition air strikes continued Sunday, with the Associated Press reporting that a line of Libyan tanks south of Benghazi were destroyed. Rebel forces had taken the city before coming under a withering counterattack by Libyan forces. AP also reported that a building in Gadhafi’s residential compound in Tripoli was destroyed late Sunday.

More on the other U.S. and coalition assets taking part in Operation Odyssey Dawn here.


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  1. @notpjorourke on

    Where are the CVNs? Isn’t “Where is the Nearest Aircraft Carrier?” supposed to be the President’s first question when trouble starts overseas?

    I seems that the answer is sorry, can’t afford the detour. The SecNav & CNO both testified to the House and Senate this month that they are juggling to maintain scheduled ship availabilities because of maintainance issues related to the lack of the 2011 Defense Appropriation Bill.

    If we can prove that the Senate’s delays and political brinksmanship is seriously degrading the fighting ability of the USN Navy I think more than a couple of political careers are over…

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