The Dripper or the Trickle Down Café?

The Ronald Reagan has its own cafe. // U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Trevor Welsh

On Jan. 31 a new coffee shop opened up on the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan. Apparently Hellcat Café, as it’s called, is popular enough to draw lines several sailors deep.  Cafés on other carriers have also been notably successful.

However, there’s just one problem: the name. Granted, Hellcat Café has a nice ring to it, and it’s a clever reference to the 1957 submarine flick “Hellcats of the Navy” which starred Reagan. There are, however, other monikers that could have worked. Namely, The Dripper, a la The Gipper, or the Trickle Down Café, a reference to the 40th president’s economic policy.

Any other ideas?


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  1. Dan Sylvernale on

    Hellcat was also an airplane wich flew off the decks of our carriers in WWII which was the tactical proveing grounds proving the Carrier as a very important part of the US NAVY. Glad to know the Navy is still very observant of its heritage. Another name in importance is the USS ENTERPRISE. the first carrier to carry that name also cut its teeth in that war with the hellcats flying of her deck. She was affectionately called THE BIG E. Since the Navy is retireing the Big E after 40 something years of Service to her country I would like to carry on tradition and call the new nameless carrier the Enterprise.

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