Bushtastic holiday spectacular


The Santa in the F/A-18 is what put Bush over the top, this year. / Navy / MC3 Kevin Steinberg

This year the carrier George H.W. Bush took top honors among the big-deck ships at Naval Station Norfolk in the base’s annual holiday lights contest.

Tasteful? Eyesore? It’s all in the eye of the beholder; you be the judge. If you have pictures of your ship’s holiday lights, send them along to dlarter_at_navytimes.com with captions and credits.

Here are a few more of the Bush for you.

Check out the "peace on earth" sign in the hanger bay! / Navy / MC3 Kevin Steinberg

Santa takes a ride in one of his escort aircraft. Little known fact: The North Pole has the 5th largest Air Force in the world. / Navy / MC3 Kevin Steinberg


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