Count Spirochete, AKA Syphilis


It seems as if there was a time in the Navy when they produced awesome training videos. Today’s videos (like the one where they teach you how to wash your hands), with all due respect, just ain’t what they used to be.

Exhibit A: Take this 1973 gem, The Return of Count Spirochete, produced by the National Naval Medical Center, which warns sailors about the dangers of syphilis. The vampire Count Spirochete wins top honors at the world Communicable Disease of the Year Award ceremony, presided over by Death himself.

Spirochete beats out the common cold, smallpox and even gonorrhea for the distinguished award, much to the chagrin of other pestilence present. Death is forced to justify the award to the attendees. And that’s what we call a “teachable moment.”

Training video gold. Observe:


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  1. I miss those old videos. They were great! I watched that one all the way thru for good old time… Still very good and effective. Other favorites are: “heat stress monster” and the hearing one w/ the Old Chief. “huh, what was that??” (don’t recall the name of the video). Wish we still had some of these in inventory.

    If you come across more, post them to YouTube.

  2. How about this required video:

    ” 440 – The Deadly Shipmate ”

    I’m “shocked” they don’t show that anymore.
    I couldn’t “resist” saying that.
    It’s “currently” true.

    We all need to be “grounded” in the basics.

    Positively Electrifying !!

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