How do you raise a sunken Soviet sub? Ask the CIA.


In 1974, the CIA launched an audacious plan to raise the K-129, a Soviet ballistic submarine that sunk in the North Pacific not far from Hawaii. The goal was to recover any information  — documents, codes — they could and also find several ballistic missiles that were lost with the sub.  Author Norman Polmar’s book, “Project Azorian: The CIA and the Raising of the K-129“, tells the tale of Azorian and this incredible engineering feat that had been kept secret for years until new documents were released in late 2009.

What makes this really crazy is that the K-129 was 16,560(!) feet below the surface. That’s approximately three miles. Here’s a trailer for a documentary on Project Azorian:


If you’re in the Arlington, VA area tonight and want to hear Polmar speak about his book, he’ll be at the Arlington Central Library from 7-8:30 p.m.

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