The incredible dancing Coast Guard


The Japanese Coast Guard might have the U.S. Coast Guard beat in at least one respect: choreography. In this amazing video posted on YouTube, you can witness Japanese Coast Guardsmen dressed like school girls performing a flawlessly executed dance routine during sea and anchor detail.

Prove the world wrong, U.S. Coast Guard. Let’s see some response videos.



Those Japanese maritime types sure know how to make the military fun for the whole family.


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  1. I’ll bet the US Coast Guard would be glad to sing and dance in order to get the President to really start funding many more cutters and patrol planes. And forget this 20 year long Deepwater program, which was run dry by its 2 prime contractors already. It’s a shame the USCG is attempting to carry out so many critical missions with ancient museum pieces. This Japanese cutter looks modern and isn’t having a main space fire or breakdown requiring towing like recent US Cutters have been experiencing.

  2. We’d have a dance if we had the time to rehearse. Instead we’re too busy keeping 40 year old ships afloat and searching through our couch cushions for more money.

  3. Mark, I checked out your comment. I think this is the Japan Coast Guard vessel Isonami. If you look closely at the vessel as it comes along side the other ship, a Japanese flag is visible on the fantail.

    Thanks for keeping us on our toes and thanks for reading!

  4. Please oh please don’t try to top this. That’s all we need is one more incident (on TOP of the crazy pothead who infiltrated Base Port Angeles and the whole texting-while-coxswaining thng) to make the front page of Navy Times.

    Just look to “Waterballoon fights on 110’s” to see where THAT gets us as a Service.

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