Shipboard maintenance: it's a rap


There are few things on earth that make sailors want to sing as much as preventive maintenance. It may be true that some may loathe the endless hours of cleaning air filters, replacing valves, wire-brushing fire stations and changing water-tight gaskets. But that doesn’t seem to hold true for carrier Abraham Lincoln’s hip-hop artist extraordinaire Dog Zebra. For him, it doesn’t matter how late it is, he’s gonna conduct his maintenance.

DZ posted his latest beat this morning and it may just be the single greatest song about the shipboard material maintenance management system of all time. If you can think of a better one, post it in the comment section. If you can’t, just sit back, grab your maintenance requirement card and prepare to be wowed. Observe:


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  1. Sweet! Just in time for the “Fleet Maintenance Conference” in Norfolk next week. Sure all the TYCOM leads and 3MC’s will love the attention. Thanks DZ! ~

  2. To Dog Zebra and the crew of Abraham Lincoln! Great job! An awesome way to send a great message to your peers and the fleet. Keep up the great work.
    CMDCM Torchia, Naval Safety Center CMC sends…..

  3. MMC Griffith TSC Great Lakes on

    I taught em everything they know. Way to keep the flame lit big brothers. Always ready! Proud to have been part of the big And 3M fam!

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