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Today on its Facebook page, the Navy announced a new and unprecedented partnership with the U.S. Air Force on the next aircraft carrier. According to the release:
“The next Ford class aircraft carrier will be jointly crewed by both Navy and Air Force personnel becoming the first fully joint warship. In the spirit of this partnership the ship will be named the “James Doolittle” after Lt Col. James Doolittle that famously led a raid on Tokyo in April 1942. In the spirit of environmental efforts in the Navy, the ship will include a new ‘Green Flight Deck’ designed to Air Force specifications. Naval aviators have never been so excited about an upcoming deployment.”
Scoop Deck would like to get a tee time for 2:12 on Tuesday, please. And we wish you all a Happy April Fools’ Day, especially you jolly folks in the Navy’s social media department.

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