Go Green and Save … lives


From the fourth annual Naval Expeditionary Forces Symposium and Expo …

Rear Adm. (select) Kevin Scott, director of the Expeditionary Warfare Division (N85), reiterated the Navy’s emphasis on “going green” in regard to energy consumption.

“This is not lip service. We are dedicated to make this happen,” he said. “But this is not about being green totally. This is about saving lives because we are losing [troops]everyday hauling food, water, gas and those types of things. The sooner we can get down this energy slide, the sooner we are saving these lives.”

Scott said fuel, which is running $80 to $90 dollars a barrel, costs the Defense Department more than $400 by the time it gets to Afghanistan. “So there is a financial aspect to this, but the key reason is saving lives,” he said.

Brian R. Detter, deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for Expeditionary Warfare, on Tuesday emphasized ways the Navy is going green. He addressed “the direction of the future” that included the use of flex-fuels, hybrid electricity and electric-only power to reduce petroleum use by 50 percent by 2015; the use of biofuels in surface vessels and aircraft by 2016 and plans to produce 50 percent of shore power by 2020 – an undertaking already showing its worth in China Lake.


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